The Best 4 Way Hose Splitter - September 2020

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RAAYA Splitter Arthritis leak proof Connector product image


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Leaf HD Connector Splitter Designed product image


EasyGoProducts Splitter Connector Sprinklers Irrigation product image


UNIFUN Splitter Washers Garden Connector product image


Gilmour 4 Way Connector AY4FF Black product image


A1007 WARRANTY Heavy Garden Connector product image


Nelson Faucet Adaptor 4 Outlet Manifold product image


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Glorden Manifold Splitter Connector Comfort product image


2wayz Splitter Connector Ergonomic Irrigation product image


ikris Garden Splitter Rubberized ComfortGrip product image

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For years, I had been the handy-man for those elders of my family. Pipes, roofs and mostly gardening. As a result of this, I was always searching for items that will be 'launch and neglect' for my granny and uncles. The issue was, a number of the items sold in the brick and mortar shops were brick strong - but not so much of user friendly. Especially when it came to tackling them with arthritis-stiffhands such as.

So I went, and began looking for long-handled watering gear, that will fill that emptiness. Items that will have extended handles, easy to turn on and off, with a wonderful bit of style. And ofcourse - above all - dependable, and highly durable. I encounter these TPR coated splitters and straps, used them, and after 'seeing the light' began recommending them. The relative success of the items, attracted me to the point it became obvious I want to make it a buisness. Help others achieve what was so tough for us at the start, serve the individuals humbly and with care, and build an ever growing circleof happy gardeners.

Our produts are moving through a constant process of improving. We chose plastic layouts, and updated them to more reputable metallic versions. We state that the things are under guarantee, but will look after our customers, regardless of what. If you are not happy, we are not happy, and we'll do anything it takes to make it right.

Try us now, and let us prove that we are that which we maintain - continuously supporting your purchasing experience and gardening endeavours.

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