The Best 40 Watt Edison Bulb - September 2020

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Edison Bulb Pack Squirrel Filament product image


Oak Leaf Incandescent Filament Vintage product image


Edison Bulb Pack Squirrel Filament product image


HESSION Dimmable Tungsten Incandescent Decorative product image


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Edison Bulb Elfeland Incandescent Squirrel product image


Edison Light Bulbs Deneve Chandelier product image


Hand Woven Squirrel Filaments Incandescent Replacement product image


KINGSO Squirrel Filament Incandescent Fixtures product image


Vintage Antique Edison Spiral Filament product image


DORESshop Filament Fixtures Decorative Dimmable product image

Top 40 Watt Edison Bulb Brands


An L.A.-based family company, Brightech specializes in advanced yet inexpensive lighting. From edgy, science-fiction-inspired floor lamps  into retro-chic stylings into more traditional design, Brightech has got something to illuminate your home and workspace. Searching soft, hot, trendy, or vivid tones? They're here.

Brightech emphasizes the energy-saving energy of LED. Via embedded LED lights in lamp fixtures or within our own LED bulb that simplifies and simplifies incandescent bulbs in brightness and efficacy, we winner LED technology and encourage our clients to adopt the future.  

Indoors or outdoors, Brightech lights the way... Our catalog consists of several strands of mood-setting chain lights that can transform your garden into a bistro! And we are proud to feature an array of adjustable magnifier lamps -- diopter-lens lamps that make little print readable again for anybody with aging eyes or macular degeneration.  

Brightech: Infusing the color of light to each room of your life.

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