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39 One Middle Finger 40th Birthday Gifts for Men Women Beer Glass Funny 40 Year Old Presents product image


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40th Birthday Gifts for Women 1981 Birthday Gifts for Women 40 Years Old Birthday Gifts Makeup product image


How Not Become Crotchety Old product image


40th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women Happy Prank Toilet Paper 40th Birthday Decorations Party product image


Gtmileo Wine Glass 39 Plus Middle Finger and Cupcake Wine Socks Present Set for Women Girls product image


Birthday Stemless Personalized Anniversary Decorations product image


40 and Fabulous Birthday Wine Glass for Women Fun Gift for Woman Turning Forty Years Old Mom product image


EFYTAL 40th Birthday Gifts for Women 925 Sterling Silver Four CZ Bar Necklace For Her 4 Decade product image


What Dont Know About Turning product image


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M MOOHAM 40th Birthday Gifts for Women Charm Bracelets 40 yr Old Birthday Gifts for Women Turning product image

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Bill Dodds

Bill Dodds has been writing since the age of six when ...

No, wait. That has been printing. And he got Ds.

He began writing in ...

wait. That was cursive. And , again, his grades weren't stellar.

Ah, but imaginative writing ... ! After his blockbuster first novel, "The Christmas Ball" (written in the second or first grade) he ...

Well, what he did was write just for college assignments rather than read ten books out of the library for the summer reading program. Ever. No certification for him.

After that he had been sent to prison ...

No, wait.

After he went to boarding school at the tender age of two he began to see (pre-Internet days and just one non-cable TV set in the entire construction) and began to write more.

No, wait.

He had some excellent teachers at grade school and high school and college who helped him understand how to write, how to write better, and the way to write professionally.

He has cranked out a great deal of novels, such as making a lot of pounds of sausages.

No, wait.

He's a prolific writer.

Ooh. That sounds great.

Stop here, Bill.

Stop, stop, stop.

No delay.

Purchase some of his books.


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