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Nalgene is one of these brands many think synonymous with its product category, similar to Rollerblades or Q-Tips. The company creates omnipresent BPA-free colored water bottles, geared toward giving a simple private hydration option that respects the environment. Nalgene offers a full product line of reusable containers of a variety, created from a wide assortment of substances.

Nalgene History:

Chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette jars. He moved on to found that the Nalge Company, which Goldberg called using his wife's initials: Natalie Levey Goldberg. Our very first exposure to the wilderness occurred in the 60s, when our labware scientists-who were also large into hiking-took our laboratory bottles on backpacking trips since the bottles were light-weight and overburdened. In the 70s, the Carry In/Carry Out tendency emerged when conservationists began discouraging campers from a frequent refuge practice of burning or burying cans and glass containers.   By now, our labware bottles had caught on with all the hiking and adventuring subculture. The company president's son was using our containers and bottles on his own Boy Scout camping excursions. This, coupled together with the Carry In/Carry Out trend, gave our president a notion: market these labware products as high quality camping and hiking essentials. This "unoficcial" use for Nalgene bottles becomae so widespread, the company decided to create an entire division devoted to fulfilling the needs of outdoor enthusists.

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