Our Calling? To Make Online Shopping Simple, Easy and Fun, Again!

Online shopping was supposed to make “shopping” easy, simple and convenient – basically to replace consumers from actually having to go to retail stores. But things have gotten complicated. When you go online to find a product, you will find yourself trapped in your computer for hours searching for the “best product”, “best price”, and “best brand” from tons of data from different sources. When you thought you have finally found “the one”, this will be followed with self-doubt? Thinking if you have made the right decision because you are uncertain whether your source is reliable.

NextThing, the best online comparison-shopping site, takes the uncertainty away. NextThing helps you make online shopping easy, quick, simple and fun again by doing the hard research for you. NextThing helps you find the best product, with the best price from the best brand, so you can shop confidently with just one click!

How does it work?

NextThing’s goal is make online buying decision quick, easy and fun. When you search for a product, within a second NextThing will generate a list of products carefully cultivated for you.

How do we do it?

NextThing developed an algorithm that compares and analyzes millions of reviews and then determines product rankings. Products are given overall score based on the following criteria:

How do we rate products?

NextThing gathers millions of data from consumer product reviews, sales volume from sellers and manufacturers, product articles and reviews by product experts, among others.

Using a specially developed algorithm, NextThing compares and analyzes the data collected. Once finished, NextThing assigns an Overall Score to the products based on Popularity, Quality, Price and Brand.