The Best Absorbent Head Towel - September 2020

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Top Choice
Aquis Microfiber Towel Lisse 39 Inches product image


Aquis Microfiber Waffle Hair Towel product image


Turban Microfiber Absorbent Anti Frizz AMoko product image


Aquis Original Absorbent Drying Microfiber product image


Organic Bamboo Hair Towel Absorbent product image


AuroTrends Microfiber Turban Absorbent Rainbow product image


Best Value
Orthland Microfiber Drying Absorbent Anti Frizz product image


Microfiber EURICA Turban Towels Drying product image


Hair Towel Microfiber Quick Towels product image


Best Seller
DuraComfort Essentials Absorbent Anti Frizz Microfiber product image

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When you sleep better, you live better.     Once you're able to relax in comfort, you can cope with the stresses of modern life more effectively.

In Bucky, we make uniquely luxurious products to help you relax, sleep, relieve your body's aches and pains and traveling more smoothly.     Our line of products include sleeping pillows, travel pillows, travel accessories, heatable (along with chillable) body and neck wraps in Addition to sleep masks.     Our products are natural and eco friendly and many are proudly made in the united states!

Our pillows and wraps use organic, hypo-allergenic buckwheat and/or millet meet so that they conform to your body's unique contours.     And you are able to add or subtract fill from the Bucky pillow for the final personal touch.

We live in a universe of countless resources of stress and anxiety.     In Bucky, we want to help you be your best, and fulfill the pressures and anxieties on your life go on.     We pledge that our products can help you sleep, relax, and also travel in greater comfort than you thought was possible until you found your Bucky!

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"The very best thing you can do for your hair is deal with it as you would the finest silk. Aquis® wavy hair towels are gentler than normal towels, that cause swelling, disrupting the hair's cuticle and contributing to frizz, flyaway static and tangles. Having a hair glow is among the small changes that produce a significant influence on your hair beauty routine and also the health of your hair long-term. You want it to behave. You need it to have glow.  You want it to have volume. Aquis® towels are an essential step toward 365 good hair days."

"Fredric Moine, Celebrity Stylist at Paul Labrecque, NYC"

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