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Eye Love

As our bus pulled to the community centre where we'd be holding our attention clinic for the day, we noticed that an older gentleman in pain several yards back from the front of their long run. Our bus came to a stop and we all filed out, prepared to start another clinic in rural Ecuador.

Soon after the very first patient entered our clinic, Travis went out into the lineup and advised the guy into the front. After evaluation, it was discovered that this farmer was not just going blind from Glaucoma he was unaware that he had, but he was also in pain because of elevated eye pressure. Travis treated this man for hours to lower his eye pressure and make him comfortable. After not saying a word all day, the farmer started yelling and said "Estoy libre de dolor. ¡Dios te bendiga!" , that translates into "I'm pain free. God bless you!" The farmer then embraced Travis in a hug. As they parted ways, tears were shed and lives had been forever changed daily.

It's stories like this that we've realized aren't few and far between in states which don't have any access to quality eye care. There is so much demand in the world. We're a husband and wife duo that is wanting to modify the entire world and provide for that need.

We started Eye Love in May of 2015 together with our final aim being to build permanent clinics in areas without any access to quality eye care. We visit Jamaica annually to give eye examinations and disperse glasses. With proper help and financing, our ultimate goal is to be able to work in those practices more frequently.

As a business, we want you to feel good about your order and that which you do business with. Our passion is to provide a better quality of life through better eyesight -- locally and globally. Locally we do this by helping you see the clearest that you can. Globally by providing Some of profits back to a person needing

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