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Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules 2400mg Powerful Nootropic Brain Mushroom Supplement for product image


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Neuro Peak Brain Support Supplement product image


NOW True Focus Veg Capsules product image


Focus and Thrive Executive Functioning Strategies for Teens Tools to Get Organized Plan Ahead product image


Fidget Toys Autistic Children Carabiners product image


Thriving ADHD Workbook Kids Self Regulate product image


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hand2mind Finger Focus Highlighter Colorful Dyslexia Reading Strips ADHD Tools for Kids Dyslexia product image


Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules Immune Support System Booster for Adults Nootropic Brain Booster product image


GENIUS CAFFEINE Microencapsulated Supplement Preworkout product image


IyMoo 6 Pcs Mini Fidget Toy Set Magnetic Ring Flippy Chain Infinity Cube Fidget Controller Pad product image

Top Adhd Focus Brands

NOW Foods

Back in the early 60's the health care business was at its infancy. "Health foods" were obscure and peculiar, and health food enthusiasts were broadly categorized as hippies and granola-heads.

During these raw and formative early years, entrepreneur Elwood Richard began a small chain of health food stores in the Chicago area named Health House. A degreed physical chemist, Elwood's collegiate research had concentrated on improving physical performace via the usage of healthful foods and nutritional supplements. The knowledge he aquired during this time left him a firm believer in organic products for health and quality of life, and laid the early foundation for his life-long love of nourishment and wellness foods.

After losing clients to a local supermarket because of the high costs of his products, Elwood recognized that in order because of his health food shops to live and thrive they had to offer affordable natural products. Health foods would not survive if no one could afford them. He began his own natural products manufacturing company to supply his stores, that lent his complete control on product cost and quality. NOW Foods has been created.

Today NOW is still possessed by the Richard family, and it has grown to become one of those most popular product industry's most recognizable brands, supplying among the most extensive traces of organic products out there. NOW has ever remained loyal to Elwood's first vision-to supply value in services and products that empower   people lead healthy lives.

As one of the industry's oldest and most respected producers, you can always depend on NOW to deliver the very best selection of organic goods at prices you'll find difficult to beat!

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Garden of Life

Since the year 2000, Garden of Life was around a mission of Encourages Outstanding Health®  through innovation and commitment.   Our beliefs are simple--the human body needs the nourishment found in food, therefore our objective is to nourish that desire with fresh, higher quality, whole-food ingredients, without artificial additional nutrients, artificial flavors, sweeteners or chemical preservatives. Our criteria include:

1.   Utilizing vibrant, nutrient dense, ingredients that are fermented.

2.   Getting sterile = USDA Certified Organic (Substance and residue entirely).

3.   Having Non-GMO Project verified products (independent 3rd party certificate).

4.   Employing RAW Food-Created Whole-Food vitamins and minerals--no synthetic isolated nutrients.

5.   Our RAW regular means that our RAW products are not denatured and are teeming with both enzymatic and behavioral action.

6.   Offering innovative, science-driven formulas.

Garden of Life's commitment goes beyond empowering healthy bodies. We are committed to the wellness of our world through eco friendly initiatives and encourage life-changing, mission-driven charities around the world.

Since our inception, Garden of Life has been committed to defend the environment and search out methods to attain that objective. From how we run our offices into the production and supply of our products, the planet is ours to safeguard and Garden of Life takes pride in using Green-e accredited renewable energy, recyclable packaging and using soy ink along with FSC paper.

An estimated 190 million kids under sacrifice suffer from vitamin A deficiency, a significant underlying cause of child mortality. Vitamin Angels is dedicated to removing under-five kid mortality in at-risk populations simply by reaching children with the necessary vitamin A. Garden of Life has been a Significant force behind Vi

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James M. Ochoa LPC

James Ochoa is a licensed professional counselor and Also the founder and Manager of The Life Empowerment Center (TLEC) in Austin, Texas.

Born and raised in Houston, in a big, loving family, he had been inspired by the challenges of his own learning gaps to examine psychology, getting his B.A. in the University of Texas at Austin and his M.Ed. Guidance in Counseling & from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

His clinical expertise includes residential and outpatient treatment centres, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and his own private practice, with customers ranging in age from 4 to 84. The Life Empowerment Center offers a broad range of treatments for assisting adults with ADHD to live powerfully in the middle of their emotional storms. Moreover, he provides counseling and coaching to clients including the business world, in all walks of life.

His certification at the Results Coaching Systems (RCS), a neuroscience-based executive training design, was a crucial element in guiding customers toward innovative solutions to challenges in their personal and professional lives. James has been certified as 1994, a medical therapy model which has allowed his customers by using the science of the mind to navigate their own lives in EMDR.

Since 1993, he's offered educational groups such as adults with ADHD in addition to longer term vision-focused Life Empowerment groups for many decades. In 2016, he began offering continuing education workshops and consultations for different clinicians looking for a better understanding of the way to assist their clients more efficiently reach their potentials.

James lives and operates with his wife, Edie Vitemb, an ADHD strategist, life coach and artist, at Austin, Texas. He enjoys learning new talents Together with fuel and pursuing

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