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Jupiter Kids

Jupiter Kid’s Books is among the most unique children’s trade book publishers available on the market. Specializing in books for kids of all ages from toddlers to young adult readers. Coloring Books, Activity publications, Audio Books, Picture Books and eBooks. We think that early childhood education is critical development in children and this means that teachers and parents must find new techniques to summit interest in children and more importantly help that child to fall in love with all the learning process!

Jupiter Kids helps parents and teachers to achieve this using coloring books and activity books to make learning enjoyable and more likely make it FUN TO LEARN!
Jupiter Kid’s Books is an imprint of Speedy Publishing LLC.

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Sean Buckley

Sean Buckley only became an author by chance. In 2010 Sean was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of arthritis. The fast spread of the and the consequent battle to combat pain and sleepless harm caused by Sean retiring from business life in 2013. After spending almost half years working with some of the worlds' leading manufacturers supplying retailers in the fashion and outdoor industries retirement came as a culture shock. Unable to function in what he considered the traditional sense, writing by means of speech recognition applications turned into a way to maintaining his mind active. In which life was the continuous form of first class traveling from one global fashion series to the next Sean writes from a perspective and breathed in the world of executive. Characters from the books stay in the hotels and eat in the restaurants all of that have been once a part of Sean’s lifestyle and are explained with fantastic detail.
Legislation thrillers had always fascinated him so that it was inevitable that this is his preferred genre. The mystery surrounding this banker Roberto Calvi's passing appealed because. False starts later and after devouring advice from tv, papers and books a vision of the characters and the way they appeared formed in his mind. The books have developed into a platform to learn more about the complexity of conspiracy concept. References throughout the novels to this fleur-de-lis has resulted in it becoming a thing of a brand symbol for Sean.
The effective publication of this Calvi Parallax in July 2014 was quickly followed by The Calvi Continuance novellas, Arlo Negri and Alex Bale at 2014. Quorum, the most recent book in the Ereptio Series, was published October 30th 2015. Discover More by seeing,
Sean has additionally

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