The Best Adult Sex Book - April 2020

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Top Adult Sex Book Brands

J.H. Croix

Bestselling author J. H. Croix resides in a small town in the historical farmlands of Maine with her husband and two spoiled dogs. Croix writes hot shifter love with powerful rugged alpha and women men that aren't afraid to show some emotion and hot contemporary love. Her love for the characters which occupy them shines through in her own writing and unique small-towns. Take a stroll on the wild side of love with her bestselling novels!

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Kaycee Kline

Kaycee Kline is a bestselling author in the contemporary and paranormal romance genres!

In her stories you'll always locate dominant and alluring Alpha Men that understand how to get what they need...and women who just can't get enough. ;-RRB-

Kaycee tries to make characters you'll strongly connect with. She wishes to offer you more than only a terrific read, she wants you to feel as if you are a part of the narrative and become sucked in until the very final, Happily Ever After kiss.

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Melanie Marks

NEWEST books: "Hockey Guy & Tutor Girl"; "The Boy Next Door"; "When You Allergic Me"; "Jane's Air" (each a buck!!)
**Update: All of Melanie Marks' books are available in the Infinite app, or you could purchase them the normal way.
**Melanie's site is: (Check often. She's constantly writing new novels)
(Melanie also has novels under the title "M. Marks"--they're composed with other writer friends.)
FALL FOR ME series: Fall For Me; Fall Destiny; Finn's Fall (and now also in the show is the standalone book: LOUDER THAN WORDS)
HIS KISS show: DecisionHis Rogue *High School Boys *HER Kiss (Griffin) *Griffin *GriffinNumber2
*LOUDER THAN WORDS--(it is a standalone book concerning Griffin's best buddy from the baseball team, Mason Archer, also Mason's undying (key) crush on the cheerleader, Summer Baker. A crush he's had since childhood.)
**"The Player (plus: Ally Has Amnesia)" That's the name. Now you have to type the entire thing in to locate it. It has a standalone novel "The Player" along with a narrative using Griffin and Ally.

NOTE: The publication FINN'S FALL has Griffin and Ally inside as well (as a couple)--although it is Finn's narrative (from Fall For Me) ... also now there is a book about Ally and Griffin at Middle School known as: "ALLY and also GRIFFIN (Middle School)"

About the book: "HER KISS (Griffin)"--it's Griffin's story about Ally. Type of the publication of his version. (Additionally Melanie's books "GRIFFIN"; and also "GRIFFIN #2" are available now also.)
New publication--"Louder Than Words"--is a standalone novel regarding Mason and Summer and their life-long secret crush on each other. The book is kind of part of the Fall For Me string, since it is about Zoey's best buddy, Summer Baker, the cheerleader. But It's also sort of this His Kiss series because it's also around the best buddy Maso, from the baseball team of Griffin

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Sierra Rose

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Sierra Rose is a Kindle Unlimited All-Star, also USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal bestselling writer, and a few of the hottest romance writers.

She is also an Worldwide Bestseller with Spanish and Italian versions of her novels.

Sierra Rose is currently a loving wife and writes full time in which she resides in the gorgeous state of Texas. She is a dreamer, fun loving, a hopeless romantic, and believes fairy tales can come true. Even though she seems young, she's thirty years older. Sierra loves spending time with her husband of ten decades and her lovely kids, ages 6 - 10. She has two cats and a dog. Sierra enjoys going to book clubs, biking, horseback riding, hiking, reading, running, and swimming. She lives on a small ranch in Texas and never misses her morning journey along with her black and white horse named Saddie.

Sierra enjoys hearing from viewers. You can contact her at

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Tanya Colt

Tanya Colt is your pen name of a successfully published author who would rather remain anonymous while writing erotica. Her writing style is that of an accomplished writer, be ready for some steamy sexy descriptions!

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