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Dexter Jackson

Dexter Jackson is currently a personal coach of over 6 years and a licensed nutritionist and dietitian. He's helped his customers get fitand build muscle, shed weight and produce an ever-lasting healthy way of life. Dexter was born and raised, also possesses his own personal gym in a little town in New Jersey, and his number 1 fire is of course fitness and health, but he's recently begun writing so that he can share every thing that he has heard from his mistakes and experiences, and so that others may avoid the very same sorts of muscle construction and dieting myths which many have become a victim into. Dexter hopes to increase his writing skills as he releases more and more articles in the health & fitness niche.

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Hi, my name is Marta and my mission is to help you attain your health and wellness goals by making it easy, enjoyable and fun.

I love helping people in all sorts of body-mind transformations to a deeper level. I think health ought to be our priority as with vibrant health we feel empowered and energized to pursue our other objectives and passions (while enhancing and appreciating all aspects of life).

I compose wellness, health, recipe, and holistic self-help books for folks who want to revolutionize their wellbeing and achieve a high quality of life through mindful decisions and balanced lifestyle alternatives. I provide easy, doable tips which don't imply any type of brutal sacrifices, unrealistic cleanses, fad diets, or unlimited hours of weird rituals.

My novels are intended to assist you take care not just of your body but also your mind and soul.I believe that all kinds of transformations are a life-long journey. So, I focus on progress, not perfection. I realistically provide easy step-by-step strategies which you can immediately implement to begin feeling a positive gap and improved health.

I focus on taking positive and purposeful actions. So rather than reading "vacant definitions" filled with undecipherable jargon that is tough to comprehend in the real world (unless your desktop is medicine, science, or similar) you'll get information in plain English, plus technical inspirational tips which can be implemented immediately so you achieve the results that you desire, faster. And the great news is that you will not feel as though you need to give up it! I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, so I want you to feel empowered.

My desktop is Holistic Health and Healing. I am certified in holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, reiki (II level) and massage treatment. As a programmer, I continue to learn and explore. My enthusiasm for holistic wellbeing and self-growth also directed me to study NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), h

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Hello, I'm Carmen, a holistic health winner with a passion for health, herbalism, herbal remedies, as well as whole-food and plant-based lifestyles. After solving various health problems I've struggled with for several years, I aim to inspire and help improve your health and longevity by sharing the hours of research and invaluable advice I have discovered throughout my trip. Using an evidence-based strategy, through the ability of lifestyle and nutrition, I think you can achieve your wellbeing and wellness goals.

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