The Best All Romance Books - July 2020

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Blue Heaven Colors Faith Book ebook product image


All Lies Tell Quarry Street product image


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Need Love Green Mountain Romance product image


All He Wants Billy Crossroads ebook product image


Desperation Billionaire Bondage Milking Romance ebook product image


All Want You Forever Ever product image


Craving All His Love Book ebook product image


All Gamblers Book Sarah Curtis ebook product image


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ALL THAT WANTS Billionaires Seduction ebook product image


Alls Fair Love High School ebook product image

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Sarah Curtis

Hello everybody,

I'm Sarah Curtis (that's a pseudonym of my kids' titles). Ireside with my husband of 30 years in Southern California and'm a mum of 2.

I write hot contemporary romance books about sexy alpha males as well as the heroines who slip their own hearts.

I am hooked on coffee, Red Bull, Lay's potato chips, and ice cream. When I am not writing (which is hardly ever, hence the dependence to coffee and Red Bull) I love spending time with my family, reading, and watching football (Go Pack Go!) .

That I enjoy interacting with other subscribers, so allow me to inform you where you'll find me...
and e-mail

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Erin Knightley

Erin decided to go for a career in mathematics regardless of being an avid reader and cupboard writer her entire life. It was only after making her B.S. and working in the area for years that she recognized doing the practical thing wasn't any fun in any way. After her dreams, because she puts off on her modern notebook computer Erin left her side supporting and currently spends her mind in the Regency period. An award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author, she is living her very own Happily Ever After in North Carolina along with their three ridiculously despised mutts and her tall, dark, and handsome husband.
For about her novels -- to find a picture of her wrapped at Mr. Darcy, er, Colin Firth's arms see

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Olivia Thorne

I write contemporary romance and erotic romance with strong heroines, sexy, hot sexy personalities, and a cast of amusing minor characters.

My very first show is a serial novel called The Billionaire's Seduction, which begins with ALL he WANTS. I've also composed the Rock Star's Seduction collection (ROCK ME HARD), that the biker romance series MIDNIGHT DESIRE, along with the spicy historical romance PASSION AND PRIDE.

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Virginia Carmichael

Virginia was born near the Rocky Mountains and even though she has traveled across the Earth, that the wilds of Colorado run in her anus. In embracing the moments of everyday life A major fan of all four seasons and the large sky, she still believes. A home schooling mother of six young children that rarely wear shoes, these moments typically involve a good deal of sound, a lot of mess, or an entire bunch of warm biscuits. Virginia holds degrees in Linguistics and Religious Studies. She resides with her husband, Crusberto, who is her polar opposite from all things except religion. Look ahead to the day that they can finish a paragraph and they've learned to speak in code that was short-hand. Meanwhile, Virginia thanks God for abundance and the laughter of hugs that fulfill as she sees her next book.

Virginia also writes that the Jane Austen Requires the South series (released by Howard Books/ Simon&Schuster) under the pen name of Mary Jane Hathaway.

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Sadi Mckena

Sadi Mckena is a young and aspiring writer who started creating stories in a youthful age. But she discovered her calling for gay romance, and since that time has crafted many unique tales within this genre, and this became her preferred soon after she published her first publication. Sadi does enjoy straight love and does compose it in time to time, but recently, she’s decided to experiment and has started moving of the beaten path, exploring more taboo topics including bondage threesome.

She really loves trying new foods, spending some time with her cat Smokey, also exercising. She is happily working on her second book, all while traveling the globe and meeting new individuals too. She does spend many nights reading M/M love, which is her favourite genre to read.
She spends several nights creating new tales for her roles too, placing them in hot, steamy circumstances and some drama-filled moments.

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