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James Kakalios

James Kakalios is the Taylor Distinguished Professor at the School of Astronomy and Physics in the University of Minnesota, where he has been teaching since 1988.

His research jobs in experimental solid state physics range from the nano. In 2001 he created a Freshman Seminar course in the University of Minnesota entitled "Everything I Know About Science I Learned from Reading Comic Books." When the first film was released in May 2002, press attention relating to this course prompted him to compose The Physics of Superheroes - now in its own Gorgeous Second Edition. He was the science advisor for the Warner Bros. film Watchmen. At Feb. 2009 he first filmed a video on The Science of Watchmen for the University of Minnesota's youtube page that, up to now, has been viewed over 1.6 million occasions, and in Sept. 2009 won a regional Emmy award and also in 2010 was nominated for a Webby. His novel - The remarkable Story of Quantum Mechanics - explains the quantum physics fundamentals behind the laser, transistors, light emitting diodes, computer hard drives and magnetic resonance imaging. He has been reading than he has been studying physics.

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