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ToiletTree Products Fogless Bathroom Squeegee product image


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We assist people have healthy smiles, and we're not afraid to eat poultry in lunch.

Our team creates opportunities for growth. We value integrity and humility. We rely on each other for success. Our future is driven by innovation. We share a passion for excellence. We  assist consumers have healthy smiles. Plus many folks eat corn-on-the-cob...because we could.

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The Shave Well Company

To receive a really fog-free reflection with your Shave Well mirror, maintain it under the shower stream for a couple seconds to "warm it up" right before you shave.

Fog is simply condensation. Potable water is significantly warmer than the air temperature of most houses. Your hot shower heats the atmosphere and it will become saturated. This hot moist air becomes tacky or condensation that hastens all cooler surfaces - such as mirrors. In the few seconds you hold your mirror under the shower spray on the warmth of the moist air and also the mirror equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free picture for the length of your shower. No more temperature difference - no longer fog.

The Shave Well mirror has been constructed at Sunshine Industries, a vocational training facility in Knoxville, Tennessee for most individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. A smile is worth a million words if you see participants learn, develop and obtain new levels of confidence and personal satisfaction for a paid project well done. So while you enjoy that crystal clear manifestation from the Shave Well mirror, then give yourself a smile as you are helping make it possible for people with disabilities to operate at a safe, inviting and fulfilling atmosphere.

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InterDesign® started as a housewares style and marketing company in 1974 with a core aim in mind - to design and sell innovative products for the home at a sensible cost when improving the everyday lives of its own customers. The people at InterDesign work hard daily to preserve this assignment, designing products for multiple home categories including Bath, Kitchen and Home Storage. Each one is designed to make every client's home better organized and much more functional. Each and every item is carefully and thoughtfully designed by a talented group of industrial engineers and designers. It's InterDesign's aim to marry fashion and style with practical functionality, supplying our retail partners with all higher quality, stylish products that both excite our customers and make their lives easier.

Innovation is in the very core of InterDesign along with our workers are continuously thinking, dreaming and being motivated by WHAT'S NEXT NOW.

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Our mission: Shaving and Cosmetics  Elimination in Bathtub made easy

We at ProBeautify manufacturing  excellent beauty and grooming products, focusing on shaving, makeup, and grooming mirrors and related beauty products,  the business continues to build its position on the marketplace by improving its current line with the most recent technology, producing new products and expanding its offerings to satisfy the growing needs of its clients.  

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Sharper Image

Sharper Image is dedicated to quality, design and innovation. Whether you're trying to find the most recent home electronics, air purifiers or other lifestyle products, Sharper Image can allow you to find the ideal product to suit your needs!

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