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OGX Purifying Charcoal Nourishment Sulfates product image


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Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo fl oz product image


Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo 12 product image


Thermafuse F450 Clear Residue Shampoo product image

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Straightforward. Healthy. Natural. These 3 small words characterize why the Elucence® Beauty & Wellness®  set a complete line of skincare products made with organic ingredients. Base on the grounds that hair requires the same nutrients that your body does to flourish and repair, Elucence blends proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals into specific formulas made to balance, strengthen, condition and repair your hair. Their feline seductive scents will enhance your senses and awaken your soul. A fantastic way to begin every day.

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In 1974, '' Conrad Thompson and Ed Mansfield, two pharmacists who worked closely with dermatologists and understood the requirements of their patients, were given the suggestion to begin a company to make better products than were commercially available for those who have sensitive skin. After investigating this thought, Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc. (PSI) has been formed in 1975.

Early on, decisions regarding the operating principles were created. All products could be formulated to avoid common chemical irritants dermatologists considered undesirable and may be sensitizing to the skin, such as dyes, fragrance, masking fragrance, lanolin, parabens, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing compounds. Although the majority of the products are considered cosmetics by the FDA, we opt to fabricate to drug quality standards, meaning meeting or exceeding the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Our principal objective is to develop and manufacture products for individuals with sensitive skin or anyone who needs or wants to avoid common chemical irritants found in ordinary skin and hair care solutions. You will find our products superior Concerning quality, efficacy, and value.    

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