The metal combination camera lock with around 10,000 combinations has become a strong performing product in a Wide Array of applications, retrofiting any current keyed cam lock installation and converting it to keyless convenience!    

  • 1,000 possible combinations over the three dial, 10,000 potential combinaton on the four dial
  • 3 dial comes from 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8" and 1-3/8" liter spans
  • All Combi-Cams retrofit any standard 3/4" keyed cam lock hole
  • easily set your own combination any moment
  • Constructed of nonferrous, solid metal with no corrosion- Performs great outside.
  • 3 orgasmic comes with a short cam, long cam, long counter camera, pronged washerand dryer.

Effortless to Use

The Combi-Cam is quite simple to use. Simply give another person the three digit number to start the camera. The 3 dial accessibility is a significant improvement over the "gym locker" Dial System because it's more secure and does not require perplexing sequential measures. With all the Combi-Cam, if you are off a single number, only fix that number... no have to begin again (which is very annoying!) :

The Old Gym Locker Dial System- 12 directly, 8 left, 17 right. If your finger slides or you don't dial it just right begin.


Simple to Recombinate

The Combination Cabinet Lock is the simplest Cam Lock to recombinate and just takes moments. You do not require any specific tools or a mechanical level to start the Combi-Cam. Just follow the below easy, quick instructions:

  1. Possess the Combi-Cam set on the combination that opens the Cam
  2. Working with a paper clip, then push the screw in while setting to the new combination
  3. Release switch button following desired number is dialed in

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