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PRISM Technology was designed and patented by AK GlobalTech to address a fundamental flaw in the manner that breathalyzers are maintained for function and accuracy.

Accuracy is the most important aspect when choosing to invest in a breathalyzer. However, all breathalyzers get rid of accuracy over time (typically in 1 year or less), and the present cure for this loss in precision is manual re-calibration.

Manual re-calibration is a faulty procedure, because the true residue buildup and operational degradation in the sensor cavity isn't addressed at all; re-calibration only "re-teaches" the unit to show superior results using the now-degraded sensor. At which stage re-calibration cannot even be performed after many re-calibrations, sometimes after even the first one, the sensor might have degraded far and the unit is currently a paperweight.

These flaws are all completey erased from the debut of its sensor modules and PRISM Technology. Replacement is quick and easy, and replacing that the module is the only means to revive accurate "day one" precision to your apparatus.

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