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Albert Sartison initially became acquainted with matches concept when he had been a student. Since that time, complicated games in economics and politics have fascinated him. In cases like this, the freedom of activity of the parties is actually limited by political and economic feasibility's boundaries.

The foundation of modern culture consists of many wars and political and financial crises which started as slight contradictions or local battles and escalated to global cataclysms on a planet-wide scale. Person comes with a highly developed intellect that enables him analyse conditions and to evaluate his actions seriously. For example, he is capable of reasoning. Is this applicable to human culture?


--Episode One
--Prove 2
--Episode Three
--Die Four (final episode) coming shortly

***BEYOND THE EVENT HORIZON*** ("The Contact" sequel)
--Episode One (try it out for FREE!)
--Episode Two
--Episode Three
--Die Four (final episode)
--Beyond the Event Horizon: Everything simply follows the legislation of objective reality (complete series)

***THE CONTACT*** (first contact sci-fi)
--Episode One (test it out for FREE!)
--Episode Three
--Die Four (final episode)
--The Contact: The ascendancy of mankind is being decided on Jupiter (complete series)

***THE STORM*** (dystopian sci-fi)
--Episode One
--Episode 2
--Episode Three (final episode)
--The Storm (complete collection)

--Entangled (a short story)

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