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With programs, Connie Merritt is now writer and a compelling storyteller, delivering critical content that's so important--especially during these times.
In her new book just released from McGraw-Hill, TOO BUSY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, Connie helps organizations and people make vital adjustments in their own lives and professions to deal with the countless choices and requests being put in every area of life - especially during these "do more with less" times. Busyness - if controlled - may ruin our equilibrium. . .our wellness, relationships, finances, and livelihood. It scrambles all and our priorities too frequently in the sequence, causing us into anxiety and a portion of our own lives.
Connie has a reputation for delivering breakthrough information for tough times to get that spark for lifestyle - including timely research assembled from top leaders in medicine, business and brain-response studies. Her programs draw upon her vast experiences as company professional, researcher and a nurse.
Using Connie's step-by-step strategic teachings, that are well-seasoned with energy and humor, she has a gift providing critical content and linking with her audiences by spinning unforgettable tales, being relevant and compelling - moving audiences to take action that reap benefits today and into the near future.

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