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Epic Tomatoes, Craig LeHoullier publication, is the culmination of years of a fire for developing, researching and collecting hundreds of varieties of tomatoes. Residing at Raleigh, NC with his wife Susan and small range of cats and dogs, Craig's gardening passion was planted when quite young by walks throughout his grandfather's backyard garden in Pawtucket, Rhode island, also, later on, planting the family gardens with his daddy.

Possessing a PhD in chemistry, Craig's professional career demanded various positions in a major pharmaceutical firm. After retiring in 2008, and observing a couple of years of consulting, he chose to take the plunge into backyard writing, a logical development from Craig's many years of garden lectures, a publication (Off The vine), and blogging.

Craig's passion for berries in particular exploded after associating the Seed Savers Exchange in 1986, also most of gardens because focus on open pollinated (non-hybrid) varieties, in a vast selection of colors, sizes and flavors. He continues to be co-leading a exceptional all-volunteer job to make fresh varieties, and is accountable for introducing, developing and naming several forms, such as Lucky Cross and Cherokee Purple. The project is responsible for 25 new tomatoes available through a variety of seed providers, particularly beneficial for space-constrained gardeners who want to develop wonderful berries on decks or patios.

Craig continues to be active from the Seed Savers Exchange and has since functioned as Adviser on Tomatoes to the company for many years.

His newest author website is, and you're able to follow his personal blog and local seedling sales

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