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Hi All,

My name is Alex and certainly one of my great passions in life is video games. I believe they're a way. Some of my favorites include Minecraft and The Witcher. My favorites are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. (And you better believe I will be among the first in my city to get the Final Fantasy VII remake!) . Video games are a love matured with the PlayStation 4, increased from Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time, and born from the NES and the Sega Genesis.

Outside gambling I also enjoy writing. The phrases came to me as a school kid growing up in New Jersey. My instructors applauded my use of synonyms and grammer, that was significantly more sophisticated. I, for one, was with writing science fiction adventure tales, interested.

These times my fiction writing is non-existant as I find more joy in writing for the self-development marketplace, but here you will see me fuse my two loves together and hopefully I can bring you a awesome price. Stay tuned because I have some book releases in your mind!

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Alex Citadel

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