Cozy Cocoon

Cozy Cocoon was the first to create a one part stretch on swaddle without the snaps, snaps, buttons or straps. Back in 1998 as a mom with 27 nieces & nephews I came up with the notion that would calm my newborn niece using a very simple solution. This was the start of the very first cotton-lycra one seam stretch on Cocoon, and now look at us!

What began with our original easy comfy has expanded into many other functional, whimsical, stylish swaddling outfits & accessories. Our inspiration then and now has always been to create comfortable, simple, stylish & functional baby goods for caring families everywhere!

Our team is made up of great individuals of all ages, so working hard to create fun, easy and useful products for you and baby. We have a fire for Cozy Cocoons and babies everywhere and so we never stop innovating, improving and updating to deliver you our finest.

We adore creating local projects, sourcing neighborhood fabric and trims, and purchasing local equipment and machines as we expand. We are excited that our goods have been so well received around the globe that we have been honored to be recognized as an Exporter of the Year by Think Global Magazine.

Cozy Cocoon has 15 products available for sale in the category of Baby.

Cozy Cocoon is rated 8 out of 10 based on 55 reviews.

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