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Inspired by a fear of not getting a burden for my loved ones, later I would be facing because of an overweight condition if have I ended my way of living, I chose to have a U-turn together with my habits.

I began to eat organic and unprocessed food, as much as possible, as well as began to work out on a daily basis.

Not only that but I decided to become deeply knowledgeable on anything related to healthy living, like nutrition - gym - herbal treatments etc..

Since 2001, I've read, or should I mention devoured, countless articles, publications, scientific studies and healthcare publications.

After all, what started as a fear soon became a strong passion and a hobby. I adored and still do, every second of my going over stuff.

This knowledge which I gained throughout the years is represented in my novel and in the ones to emerge in the near future.

I might well be your next door neighbor whom you would turn to for simple fitness and nutrition info, if you have seen my strong passion on healthful living.

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