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Alexander Barlcay, MBA

Alexander is renowned author, entrepreneur, investor, speaker and coach. At 25 years old Alexander lost his task and wasn’t able to discover full time employment that was brand new. Gigs cost him to journey to. Alexander could barely cover the invoice to keep the lights. In just six months after having jobless, he was broke – without a dollar to his name.

Now you know what they say regarding requirement, right? It is the mother of inventions. So, Alexander had to rack his brain- he had to do something and had to do it.

Then his very first literary idea struck him : instead of dwelling in such a huge house, why don't you let his house and move to a smaller house somewhere else? Soon afterwards, he found Internet advertising, Alexander ventured into that world and started earning two incomes- one from the rent and the other from the Internet revenue.

Alexander loved earning just two incomes without too much effort so that he chose to find other methods to create streams of income which did not need additional work. Alexander is also an owner of a vending machine company in investments , several real estate, a shopping mall and novels!

“The truth is that if you earn a passive income, then you can never go broke and I believe that a passive income is just one of the shortest paths to becoming a millionaire. ” – MBA, Alexander Barlcay

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