Launched in 1989, Cuetec has taken the cue making industry. With also a commitment to the highest grade stuff and an original patented design, Cuetec has revolutionized the industry.   Founded on the notion that high quality merchandise can be affordable, Cuetec has set out to reinvent cues are created.   The end product wasn't only a cue that is cheaper, but one with no common issues faced by other manufactures such as warping, denting and corrosion damage.

During their "Power Bonding Process" Cuetec Can bond fiberglass or graphite into the wood itself, completely enclosing the cues so that they are humidity and moisture resistant, extending the Life Span of the cue.     This process also makes cues durable and damage resistant using greater radial consistency.   Cuetec has not stopped in their aspirations to make progress in cue production technology for all of its players and the improvement of the sport.

Growing fast to the top, Cuetec has come to be an unprecedented leader in cues.   Supporting beginners and pros alike, Cuetec cues have been used to win hundreds of billiard names male and female excursions, in addition to world championships. Cuetec sponsors professionals such as Allison Fisher, the very distinguished and successful female billiard specialist in the planet, and Shane Van Boening, currently the number one rated billiards participant in the United States, Cuetec has revealed again and again that it is the winning spree.

Cuetec has 17 products available for sale in the category of Sports & Outdoors.

Cuetec is rated 8 out of 10 based on 949 reviews.

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