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Curt (a.k.a. Moose) enjoys summer camp. He enjoys camp songs, campfires, archery, team-building, horses, and trekking, games, color warfare, making friends, directing youth, laughing, etc.,. He has learned a lot by operating at, and directing, a variety of camps (7 to be exact) and by sharing ideas and cooperating with other camp specialists. He worked in a variety of after school programs.

For a summer camp and neighborhood recreation professional, Curt's goal is to serve people who want new program ideas. Programming is his place. He's all about topics, events, games, and shifting up activities, competitions and challenges. He is also a fan of camp customs, the marketing of his plans, and enjoys training, encouraging and mentoring his team. Curt, especially, gets a thrill from going into a new camp and attracting what he understands to improve their general program.

Besides being a self-published writer and blogger, Curt is a speaker and trainer at the summer camp business. You will discover more of his tools at

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