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Curtis W A Williams of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean, is a teacher; a founder of content communicated by being written, spoken, and sung; and a radio character for JESUS, humanity, and meaning... "Significance"
Curtis focuses on interventional messages of CORININAR - CORrection, INstruction, INtrospection and Appeal in Righteousness. . .toward heavenly and personal transformation. He catalyzes the type of clarity, purpose, and destiny. The passion felt in his functions will ignite, ignite, and drive you to decisively DECIDE to launch YOU, subsequently to DO IT, with focused excellence and persevering commitment... "To Live"
Curtis' aim is to renew your mind that you actualize your goal's importance and achieve, your life's fulfillment, and your own multi-generational influence... "Your Legacy"

Curtis W A Williams' Significance is to get YOU To Live Your Legacy.

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