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Alice became a writer because she love is to read. Writing has always been a way for her to express her curiosities and undying loyalty such as the legends and mythology in life which so many seem to forget. Her curiosity was thankfully nurtured through time, from a very young age, and it enabled her to find that a passion for the art of storytelling and imagination which may have otherwise been dismissed without thought, had she grown up thinking all that nonsense that fairytales were not vital to a child after a certain age.

With over 30 book synopsis's for all age groups already composed, waiting patiently at the cozy dark because of the time to shine in the light as a complete book or children's art novel, Alice takes every time she can from her hectic schedule to compose. After dabbling in school before going off into the Navy, (where she has been for the last 8 years), Alice met her future husband while stationed in Oahu, HI. Him a Marine Grunt and also her a lowly 3rd Class Petty Officer. Through trial and error, and lots of years of hard work, they have created their own happily ever after, with a lively and lovable kid, and two adolescent delinquent cat daughters. (They still believe they own the home, so closed doors are unacceptable).

It is safe to state that if not writing or standing watch for the military, Alice maintains a constant diet of all things nerdy, such as: Star Trek (TOS, TNG mostly), Star Wars, Anime, Videogames (mainly Tomb Raider/Street Fighter/Tekken/Soul Caliber), Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter (Yep, she is a Ravenclaw), Marvel/DC everything, Comics, Martial Arts (Capoeira), Firefly and Disney. Alice is a Southern California native her homes away from your home, with ties to Oklahoma and Washington.

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