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Cynthia Anthonio began residing in Holland, the inventive daughter of arty parents. As a child she studied ballet, finding enjoyment in dressing her buddies for mock photo-shoots, which implanted the seeds of her lifelong profession – simulating.
Found at 16, she finally moved into Belgium to further her career, appearing from the likes of Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, along with countless other high-fashion magazines. She’s graced the runways of the planet, wearing layouts by Valentino, Versace, Dior and Azzedine Alla…to name only a few. After posing for several years, designer Claude Montana selected Cynthia as his muse, inspiring a number of now’s hottest styles.
Ms. Anthonio’s lifetime journey has been one of learning and discovery. She now resides at the Mediterranean, composing and sharing valuable moments with her son. Her expertise – a virtual treasure trove of fashion understanding and modeling experience – and her love of this business, have motivated her to pencil what she's’s gleaned on the way.
She's insightful, honest, and direct in her portrayal of the high-fashion industry and the women and men working there. Building self-esteem, while directing a youthful man’s energies in a healthy, constructive manner, is in the heart of her composing dream. As with Cynthia’s pilgrimage, lifestyle can be a religious, visual feast of civilizations and individuals – she’d like you to come along.

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