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Tales of Yorr (A Mediaeval Monk needing a Chiropractor), Book One of The Renaissance Series has now been followed by Length of Venus, Book 2 of the Renaissance Series, & The Whispering Mime - Book Three of the Renaissance Series.

I was born under a lamington blanket on a pavlova cushion in Melbourne, Australia. There are about as far from anywhere in the world as you can get, unless you're familiar with a map of Tassie, that I'm confident you A place.

I spent many years writing songs, but the previous ten years have been all about the novel. Why? Because it was there.

Thus, what do I enjoy. Hmmm... good question mysterious Internet user. Well, I love a chance of a classic or Sci-fi majored in History and English, and spend my time travelling the world. You'll come across a number of the vents I've seen depicted in the novels that I write into Asia, Australia and Africa.

A question is exactly what I require when composing a book, a mystery of storyline and a few multi-faceted characters. This eclecticism stems out of my own penchant for variety. I enjoy many things in several arenas and infuse my tales.

So what's the Gargoyle, who's D J the author? Those questions are as hard as my arrival and the birth of these books, but if you are interested, in case you've got an intrepid thoughts, sample Tales of Yorr, Birth of Venus or the Whispering Mime. The book released there is Sentenced to Obscurity, if you're really intrepid, hunt out my Oznonymous. There are a number of books written, yet to be published, to Sci-fi, Fiction and Historical Romances from Mysteries, all. Enjoy...


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