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My name is D.W. Hawkins. Books are written by me, and you ought to read them.

That is the fourth moment I’ve attempted to compose this self-description. Anyone who has ever written one of them–or maybe their dating profile –is smiling at this time in closeness. It’s hard, describing your self. Everything you’re is that I am, and also what type of books I write.

Let’s get down to it.

I really like fantasy. I’t always loved dream since I was a little squirt. I started to get a book report in regular school with Men of Iron, and turned like The Wheel of Time & #x2013 and Pawn of Prophecy;not. I find myself drawn more to the Grimdark category, though I don& ##x2019;t think my stuff Grimdark could be considered by you. What can it be that I believe makes a book, then?

Characters you give a shit around, a storyline, and a great deal of magic and blood.

My writing really is violent at times. I love to explore unique themes revenge, war, love, politics, and philosophy. I’m also a student of the world, and I put that excitement into my own writing. I try not to punch without motive, although I try hard to not pull any punches.


They can be violent.

There’s cursing–oh no!

There’s sex occasionally (not often).

There are cannibals.

Plenty of individuals die, most by magic. Magic is cool.

Witty dialog.

Thus, if after all of this, you’re undeterred in the intention to read my work, then be warned:

it is possible to find info regarding my books right here on this site. Follow some of the links at your header, and also you can check me out. You can email me at authordwhawkins (a) gmail

So be cautious. You never kn

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