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D.A. Prince (Deann for her friends and lovers) is the type of woman that the society has been clamoring for. Deann has been described as a lively, youthful, inspiring and innovative woman. She takes a particular interest in making and is enthusiastic about learning. At precisely the identical time she is a Model spouse, mom of two, soccer mom, along with style lover (and an ex-model, who wishes to perform btw ;-RRB-).

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, New York, she discovered her love of pop culture and entertainment as a child and a budding Realtor. Friends and Fans may catch her keeping fit. She is also a tennis enthusiast, working - so feel free to challenge her to a game! One of the things she loves most out is currently speaking to folks and listening to their own perspectives and ideas on a variety of present topics and interests. While Deann is well notorious for making others laugh, her very first book "Disastrously Fabulous" is inspired by amazing true life experiences built into a fun-to-read publication made only to entertain and uplift viewers. "Disastrously Fabulous is the very first creation of artistic expression and I hope it will give you a nod and cause you to feel motivated" - Deann Prince.

You can combine Prince for a talk of "Disastrously Fabulous" on Twitter or email. Speak about Betrayal, pop culture or current events occurring around you. D.A. Prince is not only a title it is a mirror of Love, Laugh, Peace and Blessings!

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