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I am by trade a lawyer and by inclination a serial entrepreneur. I graduated from Penn State as a lawyer, obtained my law degree from Villanova Law School, and a doctorate in philosophy from Wadham College (Oxford University). I did a post-doctorate year of research at the National University of Mexico.
As a practicing lawyer, I did test work, transactional counselling and put up firms around the world. Within my entrepreneurial lifestyle, I have been involved at the following businesses: real estate development and construction, trucking, cosmetics, production of printed circuit boards and metal conveyor belts and several different retail pursuits.
My friend and neighbor, Dr. Hakon Hakonarson, a distinguished geneticist, encouraged me to join in a pharmaceutical endeavor. We were the creators of a company called neuroFix therapeutics, and this business helped develop among Hakon's discoveries--the hereditary cause of ADHD (at a subset of ADHD sufferers), autism (at a subgroup of dementia patients) and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (a very serious illness that is almost as widespread as Down syndrome but is virtually unknown). We, with the help of Phil Harper, another neighbor, acquired the rights to your drug compound owned by a Japanese firm that we could utilize in a clinical trial to show that this medication could modulate the effects of the genetic mutation that resulted in the 3 diseases. We ran an extremely successful clinical trial, and also my publication describes the results of the clinical trial.

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