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Hello and thank you for stopping by to see this short biography.

I spent the majority of my adult lifetime out and tired of shape. This included a bunch and a half (that I'll admit to). smoking addiction that lasted well over 20 years - and also a body that had about 40lbs of loose flab before the waving underneath arm flab really started to get into me.

One day I'd had enough and finally put out the butt's forever and got into darn good physical condition. I became certified as a fitness expert and trained as a nutritionist. I used what I had learned to create some pretty amazing fat loss and physical training applications.

To demonstrate that I competed (and won in my weight class) that a provincial body building competition.

Today (in the time of the writing) in 51 you will find a whole new set of body difficulties.

As I advance in age, just like the rest of you, things damage, metabolism is much slower, and even though the times are faster - what takes longer.

My attention is to figure out ways to make fitness and weight loss more manageable as the years tic on by.

Through my business in The Inside Trainer Inc. we supply health and weight loss equipment and tools in addition to writing novels and software released to the general public.

I really do hope you like the books you see here on Amazon.

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