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It wasn't until I hit my 40's that I discovered my God-given gift for the written word. I'm not entirely clear on how the first publication came about. I wrote it in 1992. I think that it was on a dare. I was working as a General Manager in the retail business, and a colleague suggested that someone should write a smart guide on how best to purchase a car and beat the dealer in his game. It was a battle that beckoned me, and for some reason the entire thought excited me. With pen in handI did not own an early computer or word processor back then --I wrote the whole book longhand. I tackled this undertaking without an outline or possibly the most distant idea how this book would unfold. My approach was completely understated and unconventional. I just started writing, and the chapters poured from my mind. I could barely keep pace with my ideas and ideas. For fear a fresh thought would fade into oblivion, I often had to quit writing long enough to scribble notes to some new idea that popped into my mind.

I submitted this manuscript to a literary agent in New York. Less than two weeks later, she phoned me and said that Penguin USA provided a $5,000 improvement and that she wanted to reflect me. In 1992, under the Signet name, Penguin published this paperback book titled, How to Buy the Most Car for the Least Money, and it offered about 22,000 copies nationwide. Amazing how easy it was, or so I thought. I now decided to write a novel, money in on this, and start my career as a successful author. Boy, was I in for a big surprise.

I actually did not have any compelling ideas for a novel, so I began with a very basic premise: I wanted to write a novel about twin sisters--one good and one bad. Not an original idea, however, it was exactly what my creative mind conjured up. The title came to me I'd written a word: Divided by God. I believed the title was an imaginative play on words. The twins were split because God had d

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