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Dale Calvert has been engaged in the Network advertising industry. He describes himself as a "struggeling distributor" his first three years in the industry. Following 5 years part-time he managed to leave his full time job at IBM and has never had a paycheck from a company since.

Dale not just talks the talk, he walks the walk. By 1994 – 1998 Dale and his leadership group developed a company of more than 60,000 vendors and $120 Million $ $billion in wholesale product sales. Within his 30+ year he has just been a supplier for 4 companies and has been a leading distributor and cash earner in each one.

Dale is learn all over the industry due to their unified, duplicatable training programs and programs, such as “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” & “The Power of a Dream”.

Dale has been employed as a full-time coach and consultant within the industry as 2000 and also NOT associate with no particular MLM company. He's the CEO of Calvert Marketing Group, a coaching, consulting, training, and conference company for your own network marketing and online advertising industries.

Dales rags to riches Success Story hasbeen showcased in each industry publications. In addition, he has shared with the MLM world his distinctive insight into the industry in innumerable number of articles & books that he has written.

When asked what his biggest achievement was in his career he didn’t even mention his houses, cars, or the other advantages and financial rewards which he's earned. His response was quite easy.

“I visit folks much better than they are, and in so doing a few become that which I think them to become ”

I think most men and women die, never attaining their greatness, never tapping the God given skills and abilities which they have been given. I believe that if people develop thems

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