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Dame DJ describes her life as "married young, starved young, divorced young, had two children then lived in a couple of different states and learnt about life"

www.DJBooks.Club is her collection of unique experiences with new publications added continually.

'Downsize into Freedom' Part 1 & 2 are written supplying an insight into a new private liberation, being liquid, with low maintenance costs; it provides practical and humorous advice about how to create the transition towards a smaller house. Audiotape published.

'Gourmands on the Run!' Part 1 & 2 is the journal of an English girl's road trip from Paris to Monaco throughout The Loire Valley, Provence, seeing great Chateaux together with her NYC spouse 'Tom' eating in the greats like Maison Troisgros, Bernard Loiseau, Colombe d’Or and more. The trip was not exactly what they had anticipated. Audiotape published.

'Behind the Wall' Part 1,2 & 3 was written the objectivity of a British woman, moving into a luxurious gated Golf & Country Club in stunning sunny Florida, however isolated in the recognizable culture she matches amazing characters in an intriguing but different universe. Audiotape published.

'To be or not to be Single?' Part 1 & 1 is about living being single about the best way to tackle travelling alone, dining alone, introducing new spouses to children using humorous and practical ideas. Audiotape published.

'Percy the Pea and Friends' makes meals fun again for kids and parents with hand painted examples of healthy foods with names and personalities e.g. Gary the Grape, Sally the Cauliflower. Audiotape for youngsters released.

‘The Dope Diet’ Part 1 & 2 A two-year journal tracing the intimate harsh realities of smoking bud and its degradation of the life of a young British guy David Grey. Since they endured in silence, composed by their standpoint and his loved ones.

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