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Damien Albino is a recent UPS driver, writer, martial artist, inventor, business owner and a father to two beautiful little girls. He has written two books so far.

Step one: How To Be A UPS Driver: Discover how you can develop into a UPS driver and also earn $100,000 annually.

The next that will be printed October 2016 will be UPS Driving Gone Bad: 21 true stories of what NOT to do when driving UPS and making deliveries.

His enthusiasm for teaching start when he had been teaching the martial arts. His personality is Krav Maga and that he fought at the ring. Back in 2006 Damien won a championship belt in kickboxing. It was to get the PKF light heavyweight tournament title. In that struggle Damien knocked the champion out in the next round. "I figure that is where I get my never quit attitude that has brought me to this stage in my entire life", he states.

After Damien first began in UPS he could not believe how difficult the task was. He came from a delivery history but certainly not for the level. As he went through the UPS hiring process Damien started to set the parts of the proverbial mystery together and the job became simpler.

About a year into his career his brother in-law at the time expressed interest in becoming a UPS driver. So naturally Damien took him under his wing and trained him. He laid out a formula he developed, without even understanding it, and I gave it to him. Once his brother in-law got hired Damien knew that he was on to something and that is the way the books along with the mentorship program came on.

Damien's objective is to give excellent information to the entire world so that everybody has an opportunity to property this strong and lucrative career.

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