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New York City's cocktail bars really are a resource like the Redwoods in California along with the bartender is directing you through the of alcoholic drinks and shielding you from the animals. This description is tongue and cheek but in 1967 when I walked to Charley O's, grill and a nyc pub. I KNEW I was dwelling; to quote my own book The Craft of the Cocktail,

"... I fell in love with bars due to the uninhibited, disordered and unexpected way life unfolds at the bar. The only logical improvement in my entire life has been the abundance of characters which crossed my trail, leaving their sour, sweet, strong, and weak for me to think about. I dedicate this book to each of the friends and strangers who took a moment to tell a excellent story and send me in my own way".

Over the upcoming several years I learned the ethics of this barroom, things to consume, and when to drink it and why. To care for the bartender and how I need to be treated subsequently. And of course to trick. However, the most significant thing discovered was how to tune and enjoy this bar's life span.

In 1959, in New York City, Joe Baum, a genius of the restaurant business and the president of this recently formed Restaurant Associates Company opened two restaurants which would change the way we eat and drink within the next 40 years. The two restaurants were located in brand-new glass towers. The Four Seasons Restaurant was situated in the Seagram's Building on Park Avenue. The Seagram's Construction is two of the most renowned architects of the 20th century, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson's achievement. The next restaurant La Fonda Del Sol was situated at the Time Life building on 6th Avenue.

The Four Seasons, still working today, distinguished a return to fresh and regional components prepared with culinary practices from around the Earth, w

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