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I have been investing in stocks and choices for more than 16 decades and have completed a great deal of study on several different wealth building strategies with the goal in mind to make multiple streams of revenue.

Not only do I personally practice the approaches I write about, but I have also coached others on such approaches to show (when there is a plan set up) how simple it's to earn money with minimal effort and risk. Coaching was a means for me to establish that those approaches were something that applied and might easily be duplicated by somebody else.

Why am I eager to help others?
It is a great feeling to know I managed to show someone the way to greatly improve their financial circumstance. It's similar to my method of giving back to society I guess.

Why do I invest?
My personal investment goal is to have many sources of passive income. Ideally every income source will match or exceed my monthly wages. I started off investing in stock options and there had been moments in which my yearly earnings from stock options was greater than triple my wages from my 9-5 job in the time. I know that these strategies work, and also work extremely well if applied correctly.

At one point I had been setting up alternative trades that could make upwards of $20,000 profit in 1 month. I've made up to $13,000 in one day trading choices. Those numbers are my motivation keep learning and to keep doing exactly what I do.

Why don't you keep my keys?
I'm really astonished at how little people REALLY know about planning and investing for their future. I also realize that not everybody wants to improve their financial situation, therefore I am hoping to help people who DO want to do something to improve their financial circumstance. To me, nothing is more refreshing than knowing that I managed to impact a person's life in a positive way.

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