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When called it's Best 14 Books for Soccer Players and Coaches, a few of these titles came from a single writer - Coach Dan Blank. Dan Blank has emerged as the very popular author for players and soccer players. His very first publication is appointed a Top 5 Book of the Year by the NSCAA Soccer Journal and was the #1 bestseller in Amazon's Soccer and Coaching Soccer genres because 2013. It's also been an Amazon #1 best-seller in Australia and Canada. It has been translated into six languages: Russian, German, Danish, Dutch Korean and Chinese and has been featured in football books and websites.

Dan has been coaching college soccer for more than twenty years and most recently served as associate head coach at the University of Georgia. He's the first coach in Southeastern Conference history to lead the conference's best defense in successive years at different universities (Ole Miss 2009, Georgia 2010), a feat that is detailed in his novel Shutout Pizza. He has an 'A' License from the USSF and an Advanced National Diploma from the NSCAA.

Coach Blank has also authored:
Soccer iQ - Volume Two
Every Item Your Coach Never Told You Since You're a Girl
HAPPY FEET - How to Make a Gold Star Soccer Parent (Everything the Coach, the Ref Along With Your Kid Want You to Know)
ROOKIE - Organizing Your Freshman Year of College Soccer
Possession - Teaching Your Team to Maintain the Darn Ball
Shutout Pizza - Smarter Soccer Defending for Players and Coaches

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In the Author: Soccer iQ is the first book I printed and I am very proud of this. Like I composed Soccer iQ, I could get over the fact that had been composed. There are approximately 1 million... that's right, seventeen MILLION football players from the United States, and nobody th

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