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Dan Martin was born the eldest son's eldest son, in Detroit, Michigan. Work on motors the offspring of divorced parents, at thirteen Dan proceeded to reside with his dad high from the Rocky Mountains trap and generally be self explanatory.

At age seventeen, Dan joined the army, was stationed at Hawaii and finally set up and struggled in Desert Shield. He received a diploma in Environmental Sciences from the University of Hawaii; and upon coming back in the States, he attended the University of Texas studying Science and Engineering. It was then that Dan volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Greenpeace, where he must have acquired his first taste of living and working outside of their 'standard'. He then proceeded to work for Boeing Aerospace on Air Force C-17 Globe Pros. During Dan's time together with Boeing, he attended San Antonio Community College, requiring undergraduate classes in Pre-Med, Sociology, World History and Psychology, making enough credits for a Ph.D. and a second Bachelors degree. However he never wanted a level the education itself.

Now's faulty educational system led Dan to start to understand that something was wrong with the planet, but particularly the United States. People moved about such as "sheep," to and from work and home as if asleep, basically ignoring Earth around them. In the spring of 2000, he spent all of his awakening spare time at Central Mexico taking up strange part-time jobs, learning mechanisms, welding, fire control, security, farming, ranching, construction, architecture, wood working, original answer, sanitation, plumbing, electric, heating and air conditioning, and metal working, in which he later met and married his wife, Lucia. They'd then both revive the U.S. and live the next year at San Antonio, Texas, prior to stopping his inaugural livelihood with Boeing in the age of twenty-five; ca

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