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With a background in animation and a passion for comic books, Dan Mendoza set out to create his very own Title utilizing the elements that affected him most. Grind house movies, arcade, Tokyo Shock theatre, horror, and Russ Meyer Movies.
These 5 ingredients combined together made ZOMBIE TRAMP.
With the 1st 7 novels done completely on its own, and guidance from comic editor and buddy Jason Martin, the publication was eventually picked up by ACTION LAB comics for their Mature readers lineup DANGER ZONE.
The company stayed aware of Dan's "cult" following and offered to assemble a creative group to undertake producing ZOMBIE TRAMP a regular ongoing series.
Dan has become the writer and creative consultant to the show as well as Cover and interior artist from time to time and claims to keep the book moving in the way that his supporters have come to love.
Dan Says: “Not only is Janey Belle my baby, but also my treatment and anxiety reliever. I feel most comfortable when writing observations and her reflections about humanity's flaws. It makes me feel great when so many fans recognize with her and come up to me or write to state Janey Belle is such a relatable character. ”

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