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Dana Neal heard all of the intricacies of the credit score game while collecting debts for the Greater Lakes Higher Education Corporation. He quickly became disenchanted with how his peers ran themselves and with the state of credit reporting in the USA in general.

After graduating from Ohio State University with a diploma in aviation, Neal went on to pilot many kinds of aircraft from the Army, including the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and various multi-engine airplanes.

He was hurt in the line of duty and retired from military service, and then became a consumer advocate, dedicated to championing the reason behind human consumers. His mission: to notify the others of their rights and also to show they wield considerable power over their credit report. In keeping with this goal, he founded BestCredit. He now spends his time teaching other people what his experience as both a collector and a borrower has taught him about debt collection and credit history.

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