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Dana Ritchie is self made creator, Entrepreneur & of Well Managed Mind system. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since a small girl she recalls observing how people spoke to each other and asking herself why are we emotionally affected by behavior of other people? Growing up as a top level athlete she learnt how emotions play a significant role & influence athlete’s functionality during races and competitions. Psychology courses that she took at university were not exactly what she expected. They did not grab heart or her attention and did not talk to her in clinic. Past 30 years she's been hunting, studying and combining Chinese medicine, Western psychology, self talk, and so forth. She created an answer how to correct issues you have with other people like your own parents or relative so that they don’t push your buttons anymore. Her strategy reprograms enhances relationships but also your mind . Your mind is shifted by properly Managed Mind quicker then any other meditation. Results are quick and even instant. She had educated Well Managed Mind system for past 8 years at her Vancouver office. In 2017 she started teaching classes on-line. Her very first course was “Confidence Booster Formula”. 2nd on-line class is “Relatives Issue Option”. Her Bestseller publication Well Restricted Mind is a summary of what Well Managed Mind system can perform for you plus it's an ultimate guide how to enable yourself and get what you would like in life! Her next course online is “Well Restricted Mind”, coming from October 12, 2017.

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