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Dan Tricarico is a high school English teacher and author of The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom and You're a Teacher. . .So Act Like One: Improving Your Stage Presence at the Classroom. In his spare time, he likes writing and reading, listening to Classic Rock, hanging out of windows, and watching old sitcoms. Dan stocks The Zen Teacher experience around the country for a presenter and speaker.


"Essential reading for most educators."
--Lisa King, teacher, United Kingdom

"The Zen Assignment Offers insightful tips on How Best to Decrease stress, have more compassion, and to Look after ourselves, so we may Look after our students."
--LaVonna Roth, writer, speaker, and consultant

"The proven positive effects of a cautious approach from the classroom make it significant to think about, and teacher Dan Tricarico has created that approach clean, simple, light, and functional."
--Steven Hickman, Psy.D. Executive Director,
UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness

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