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Daniel D'Apollonio is a writer of articles that is written, from Adelaide, South Australia. He was born on Valentines Day, 1990, into a privileged way of life. Having a rich businessman for a musician and a father has enabled him to carry their abilities and talents and build them into strategies which has led him to success.

Daniel has always loved to travel, and meet new individuals. He loves pursuits and literature, and focuses much of his time and assisting the community's residents.

Daniel started to publish books in 2016. He publishes books including health, business, new age, and spirituality, within genres. Recent published works include, "nourishment For Beginners: Secrets To The Wholesome Advantages Of nourishment", also, "Meditation For Beginners: The Best Way to Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, And Depression, Locate Inner Peace And Happiness".

Despite his success in life, Daniel has maintained the belief that being born with all the luxury of fiscal security requires that he return to the area. Daniel now spends his time finding content as he is now hoping to globalize his philanthropy that he can provide free of charge, to a curious audience. Daniel uses his highest editorial criteria to locate content, that provides his readers with value.

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