Daniel Forsyth

My name is Danny and my nickname is Sunshine. Many people on-line from the mercury forums know me since Sunshine, however, I reply to either. I'm the author of this Mercury Diaries. I wrote the novel after I regained my health from mercury poisoning. It details my horrible health crash and my slow climb back around the land of the living again. Inside I discuss all the different things I did to recover my health. I did a lot off different items too!

I discuss my chelation rounds, my herbal cleanses, and how I mended my adrenal glands, thyroid glands and everything else that I got involved to support my entire body. I'm very much involved in my personal wellbeing. I rarely see doctors any more. Instead I rely on myself and my own capability to learn and comprehend each health issue I experience. Holistic healthcare is my professional subject and also I do a good deal of herbs!

To eliminate the mercury from my body I chelate using the Cutler protocol. I use small controlled dosages of chelators (items that pick up and remove mercury) to pick up the germ and escort it from my entire body. I typically do 3 days on around carrying the chelator every two and a half hours waking through the night to take capsules. I chelate utilizing ALA only. I am a very low doser and that I just tolerate very low doses of ALA.. Anything higher than my tolerance degree - yanking my brain to kingdom come!

Occasionally when I chelate out the germ I feel good and that I’m filled with energy and life. Occasionally it& ##x2019;s O not so much pleasure and I feel lousy and I must take additional care of myself.

I perform in London and have done my whole life. I am a broker in the city. I sail in from Hertfordshire, that is 22 miles outside central London. I reside in a little town in town just within the M25 Motorway. I'm happily married and have 2 lovely kids.

(A.K.A. Sunshine)

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