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Dana Ayers accidentally turned into a runner more than a decade ago when she was a White House staffer. She has logged a vast range of end times as and jogged a 5k race. Ayers has shown it is possible to be a long-term runner without losing a approach to work out, losing weight, or gaining pace.

A mix of serendipity and Murphy's Law typically accompanies Ayers' running, traveling, work, and also love-life adventures. This blend has landed her anywhere -- from living on a bluegrass group's tour bus while naked in a bath house, to being electrocuted. She writes about it all on her comedy blog,

Ayers holds a master's degree in communication and serves as a Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Navy Reserve. Her writing has appeared in local newspapers and in particularly disgusting government PowerPoint demonstrations.

Ayers currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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