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MR. Rd has been born and raised in Tullahoma, Tn but now resides in Houston, TX. He's always had a passion for composing and telling stories. He's written three novels but only one that was printed so far. People say his books should be movies because the stories have been brought to life so well and needs to be revealed to the whole world. He's held many jobs in his own life. He loves many matters such as reading his bible, viewing syfy displays, having fun with family and his friends, trying new things in his part time.

MR. RD invites individuals to have an open mind after reading his novels, and in doing this he invites visitors to get him online through email and through his website. You will learn many lessons about family, life, friends, and that most of us have choices. It's a matter of how we decide what direction we want to go in our lives will be shaped by that.

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